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Special Presentation

Tikkah Karie
(Lamb or Chicken cooked in a clay oven marinated in spices )


Tikkah Massala - Lamb or Chicken
(Grilled Chicken or Lamb cooked in a special sauce with cream )


Tandoori Chicken Massala
(Chicken cooked off the bone covered in mixed spices and served hot )


Tandoori King Prawn Massala
(King Prawns marinated in spices and cooked in a special sauce, served with Pallaw rice )


Buttered Chicken or Lamb
(Spring Chicken or Lamb barbecued and mixed with butter and a special sauce )


Buttered King Prawns
(Barbecued King Prawns mixed with butter and a special sauce, served with Pallaw Rice)


Chicken or Lamb Passanda
(Spring Chicken or Lamb cooked in exotic and medium spices and wine to form a rich and very special sauce)


Chicken Chat Massala
(Thin fillet of Chicken grilled and cooked with cream and nuts )


Tikkah Biriany
(Grilled Chicken or Lamb cooked with Pallaw rice and spices served with a vegetable curry)


(Diced Chicken or Lamb, green pepper, green chilli's, onions, fried in ghee and cooked with yoghurt )


(Lamb or Chicken cooked with potatoes, tomatoes, boiled egg and yoghurt in a medium sauce )


Chicken Chilli
(Served with fresh tomatoes, green chillis, in a thick sauce with special spices )


Murg Massala
(Cooked in a sauce with Chicken Tikkah and peas)


Bombay Chicken
(Cooked ina sauce with boiled eggs, peppers, Chicken Tikkah and onions)


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