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Chef's Specialities

Chicken Tikkah Rogan


King Prawn Tikkah Biriany


Chef's Special Biriany


Tandoori Chicken Biriany


Chicken Rassala
(Cooked in a medium sauce with yoghurt, onions and green peppers )


Chicken Muglayee
(Cooked in a creamy sauce with eggs and sugar )


Chicken Achaar
(Cooked in a thick sauce with Imli - Tamarind Fruit )


Chicken Jeera
(Cooked in a thick sauce with Shai Jeera )


Chicken Garlic (served with fresh garlic )
(Tandoori Tikkah cooked in a thick sauce )


Chicken Makhany
(Sweet Mild dish cooked in a thick sauce with cream and mango fruit )


Chicken Narala
(Cooked with special spices )


Methi Gosth with herbs


Chicken Tikkah and Keema Bhuna


Lamb Tikkah and Keema Bhuna


Taj Mahal Special

Diner for One
(Special Chicken cooked in a thick sauce with minced meat and onions with Pallaw Rice or Nan, Bombay Aloo, papadom, ice cream and coffee )


Diner for Two


Diner for Four
(Tandoori Chicken, Spicy Papadom, King Prawn Bhuna, Chicken Balti, Bombay Aloo, Mushroom Bhajee, Special Fried Rice, Nan Bread, Any Sweet, Coffee)


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