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Balti Special

Balti Mix (Your choice )


Balti Meat


Balti Keema (Minced lamb )


Balti Chicken


Balti Bhuna


Balti Jalfrazi


Balti Prawn


Balti King Prawn


Balti Vegetable


All Balti dishes are cooked in a thick sauce with green chillies, green peppers, onions and Balti paste. All served wtih Pallaw Rice







Our Chef's Recommendation

Special Thalia
(Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Tikkah Massala, King Prawn Tandoori, Brinjal Dal, Rice and Puri, Ice Cream )


Vegetable Thalia
(Bhindi Bhajee, Sag Bhajee, Brinjal Bhajee, Tarka Dal, Roti and Rice)


Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori Chicken - whole


Tandoori Chicken - half


Tandoori King Prawn with curry sauce


Chicken/Lamb Tikkah(served with sauce)


Tandoori Mixed Grill
(Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikkah, King Prawn, Lamb Tikkah, Sheek Kebab with Curry Sauce)


Chicken or Lamb Shasklick
(Pieces of Chicken or Lamb Tikkah with green peppers and onions served with Nan)


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